DAUK on Medscape: “Doctors Intensify Calls for Inquiry Into PPE Shortages”

Medscape reports how DAUK have stepped up legal efforts for a public inquiry into deaths of NHS staff and care workers during the pandemic because of shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE).

DAUK said it had instructed a legal firm to press its case. The Good Law Project, which is helping to meet the costs of the case, accused the Government of denying explanations to the families of frontline healthcare workers who had lost their lives to COVID-19.

It said some of the deaths could have been due to a shortage of PPE.

Last month, a report by the National Audit Office found serious failures in the PPE supply chain. It concluded that faced with inadequate existing supplies, the Government had resorted to paying inflated prices to secure additional supplies.

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The full article is available here.