DAUK’s GP Committee meet with NHSE to discuss the delivery of the Pfizer/BioTech vaccine

The Doctors’ Association UK’s GP committee met with NHS England on 11th December 2020 for a briefing on the delivery of the Pfizer/BioTech vaccine in primary care.

NHSE agreed information being released to the public at the same time as doctors is not acceptable and will make every effort to ensure this does not repeat. As part of their media campaign, they have advised patients to wait to be contacted about the vaccine and not to contact their surgery. We welcome this move.

DAUK raised a few further concerns:

  1. Practices are worrying about financial liability. We have requested more vocal and contractual support financially for PCNs taking this risk, as well as appropriate media coverage to ensure those unable to will not suffer a backlash.
  2. GPs are worried that routine work will suffer at the expense of the vaccine due to staffing issues. We have asked to know what the long term strategy for this is.
  3. CCGs are pressurising practices in some area. We have asked NHSE to contact CCGs and remind them to be supportive.
  4. DAUK asked for reassurance that no changes will be made unilaterally to the DES without prior discussion

Download and read our full Statement here: