DAUK on Medscape: “Scrapping 4 Hour Wait Target”

The Doctors’ Association features in this Medscape review noting how NHS England has launched a consultation on ‘Transformation of urgent and emergency care’. This could signal the end of 4 hour A&E waiting time targets.

The review began in 2018 and the latest document acknowledges that the pandemic has further reduced bed capacity.

DAUK’s president, and senior registrar in emergency and intensive care medicine, Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden commented:

“The 4-hour target is considered by many frontline doctors as not fit for purpose, with patients continuing to wait hours in Emergency Departments this winter as in many recent winters.

“We are pleased that NHS England is launching this consultation in partnership with frontline staff to develop alternative patient-focused targets; going forward we must ensure that these are backed up with the staff and resources to achieve them.”

The article can be found here.