Waste, Negligence and Cronyism: DAUK highlights government shortcomings in New York Times

DAUK features in Deccan Herald and New York Times articles

DAUK suing the government for failing to investigate the effects of the P.P.E. shortages is highlighted in these must-read articles that examine the wider issues of government contracts that have been issued during the pandemic.

The articles note how ministers could have avoided the panicked spending spree had they not ignored their own pandemic preparedness plan and sold off stocks of P.P.E. from rainy-day reserves. DAUK’s Dolin Bhagawati was quoted:

“If they had stocked according to that plan, then they would have bought themselves more time”

As part of our ‘Protect the Frontline’ campaign, DAUK is leading the call for adequate protection for our staff. You can support the campaign here.

Read the Deccan Herald article here and the New York Times article here.