DAUK on Doctors.net.uk: Doctor alarm as risk increases and vaccines limited

The Doctors’ Association UK’s Jenny Vaughn and Zainab Najim were quoted on the website, highlighting concerns about vaccine availability and PPE shortages:

Jenny said: “Our NHS heroes are still fighting this virus even though the days of clapping at 8 o’clock are well behind us. Those risking their lives deserve clarity and assurance that they matter.”

Zainab added: “Heading into the toughest winter the NHS has ever seen, the announcement of a new, more transmissible strain of COVID-19 could have disastrous impacts on frontline staff and patients if the government does not act now.

“Without a universal policy to vaccinate frontline patient-facing staff as a priority, and no review of current PPE guidance, we could be facing avoidable staff sickness and absence over the already difficult winter months. We are also concerned that, without escalating the current PPE guidelines, staff themselves will be at risk of not only contracting the virus but passing it onto the vulnerable patient population.”

The article also highlights the results of a DAUK survey indicating that most frontline doctors have “no idea” when they might get the vaccine.

Article is available at: https://news.doctors.net.uk/news/32369 (account needed)