DAUK in The Washington Post: “‘Eye of the storm’: As U.K. coronavirus cases hit record high, health-care workers are overwhelmed”

The Washington Post reports how doctors and nurses across Britain are sounding the alarm as confirmed cases of covid-19 reach record highs, with experts urging the government to implement a stricter lockdown to prevent the health system from being overwhelmed.

DAUK’s Samantha Batt-Rawden, who works as a NHS critical care doctor, is quoted ‘hitting back’ at anyone suggesting health-care workers were exaggerating:

“We are incredibly thin on the ground. NHS staff have not been prioritised for the vaccine and are going off sick in droves with the new strain. Trusts are so desperate they are tweeting out for medical students to help in ICU. This was confirmed by a consultant on the ground.”

“When staff have spoken up on Twitter they have been told this is all a hoax. It’s not. Try holding an iPad for a patient to say goodbye to their family. Or having to a ventilate a colleague. This is real & happening right now. Staff are broken and need support now more than ever.”

It highlighted that health-care workers are not being prioritized for vaccines, which are largely going to the elderly and those with underlying health problems at this stage of the British government’s rollout.

Samantha wrote that many medical workers are getting sick from the new variant and that some hospitals are tweeting out messages asking for medical students to work in intensive care units.

“This is not a drill. Please believe us,”

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