DAUK on BBC World Service: Dr Katie Sanderson speaks about the extreme pressures facing hospitals and frontline staff

The Doctors’ Association UK’s Dr Katie Sanderson spoke to BBC World Service about the extreme pressure that NHS hospitals and staff are facing during the second wave of Covid-19.

There are now more patients with coronavirus in hospital in London than there were in the first wave. A lot of hospitals have very limited intensive care capacity.

Over the weekend and bank holiday… ambulances were backing up that couldn’t hand over their patients to A&E departments, because A&E departments were full of patients who needed to be admitted to hospital, but which didn’t have beds.

The fear is that if it’s this bad now, and we haven’t really seen patients who contracted Covid infections over Christmas… those patients who are going to become seriously ill are going to become seriously ill over the next few days, and are going to present to hospital. The pressure is really extreme, and people are worried that they are not going to be able to provide good or adequate care.

Dr Katie Sanderson, DAUK