DAUK in the Huffington Post: Covid Vaccine – NHS Staff Struggle To Get Jab In Echo Of PPE Shambles

DAUK features in this Huffington Post article, drawing attention to the lack of a centralised plan to vaccinate frontline NHS staff, many of whom still are not being offered the vaccine as a priority in spite of their high exposure to the virus. This is leading to increasing numbers of staff having to isolate after testing positive for Covid-19, compromising staffing levels at a time when each healthcare professional is desperately needed.

The article points out that this delay in vaccinating frontline staff echoes the “shambles” of PPE provision during the first wave, which proved devastating to staff safety.

“My personal experience would be that a nearby trust have patchily offered vaccines out to hospital staff. GP staff haven’t been told at all what’s going on. We may or may not be being sent slots in the new year.”

Dr Zainab Najim, DAUK

“At present there is no central government guidance on this issue and the vaccination of staff has been carried out sporadically, often on an ad hoc basis, without appropriate prioritisation.”

“Frontline staff are the greatest asset the NHS has and we should ensure we are protecting them. The impact of staff sickness is already taking its toll across the country. We can prevent further staff shortages by vaccinating our front line.”

Dr Ellen Welch, DAUK

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