DAUK on Sky News: Dr Vinesh Patel speaks about challenges facing the mass vaccine rollout in primary care

DAUK’s Dr Vinesh Patel spoke to Sky News about the current situation within primary care, which is facing the complex task of delivering the mass vaccination programme against Covid-19, on top of maintaining vital, routine care over the winter.

“I would say it’s a success in the fact that we’ve been able to mobilise so quickly, but we know we need to ramp up the number of vaccines being delivered. And this is a stretch on the workforce currently, with the normal work that winter pressures bring, the flu vaccination programme and everything else.”

“I know that our colleagues are working around the clock and putting in extra shifts to continue business as usual during the winter and deliver the vaccine. The question comes really on how long this goodwill and dedication can survive, over the next ten, twelve months on a stretched workforce who have already suffered both physically and mentally during this time.”

Dr Vinesh Patel, DAUK