DAUK on LBC: “We have to adapt or there is more tragedy to come”

DAUK’s Dolin Bhagawati speaks to David Lammy on LBC about the current situation in hospitals across the country.

“We asked for an inquiry back in April and May so that we could learn the lessons of the first wave, unfortunately, that has not happened. And I’m sorry to say that some of those same mistakes are being made again. We have paid doctors and nurses on the front line who are concerned about PPE guidance, who are not being listened to.”

“If it is a choice between the virus and food, that is a very difficult choice to make. And so there needs to be an increase in the support for lockdown in terms of financial and social support that will improve the engagement with it.”

“We’re losing over a large hospital worth of people per day. If these were terrorist attacks, there would be outrage. These are individual tragedies.”

“The point at this point is that every single person can help in fighting this. And that involves as much as possible engaging in the lockdown measures, keeping or distance, washing your hands, wearing a face mask. And we have to adapt or there is more tragedy to come.”

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