DAUK on RTUK: Dr Jenny Vaughan calls for PPE inquiry

DAUK’s Vice-Chair, Dr Jenny Vaughan, spoke to RTUK about the need for a public inquiry into the role of inadequate PPE in NHS staff deaths during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“In this country, we are the third-worst globally in the numbers of healthcare worker deaths. We’ve lost over 650 healthcare workers, and half of those are social care workers. At least 126 of those deaths have actually been reported by employers to the Health Service Executive, because they were worried that PPE or lack of it was a factor in the death of that healthcare worker.

The only way you can actually learn those lessons is by a proper, judge-led inquiry. But more important than that, there are families out there who have lost their loved ones who need answers.”

Dr Jenny Vaughan, DAUK Vice-Chair