DAUK on Sky News: Dr Katie Sanderson discusses the severe situation in hospitals as Covid-19 cases continue to rise

DAUK’s Dr Katie Sanderson spoke to Sky News about the current crisis threatening to overwhelm hospitals, and commented on the disconnect NHS staff are seeing between public perception and the daily realities on the frontline:

“People feel it’s worse than the first time round. I think it’s really frightening, because I think things are better organised and less chaotic [but] it’s clear that just the volume of patients is becoming unmanageable and it’s not possible to look after them safely.”

“I think there’s a disconnect between public understanding and what is actually happening in hospitals. There’s just real concern that people are working in these really extreme conditions already, and actually that you come out of the hospital and people have very little idea how bad it is. I think it’s really important that we’re open and honest and transparent, and let people know what is happening.”

Dr Katie Sanderson, DAUK