DAUK on Sky News: Dr Jenny Vaughan describes need for improved government support for those asked to self-isolate

Vice-Chair of DAUK, Dr Jenny Vaughan, talked to Sky News about the lack of adequate financial support from the government for those being asked to self-isolate. Dr Vaughan also spoke about DAUK’s call for an urgent review of PPE guidelines to better protect frontline healthcare workers.

“I am not in the process of blame. That is not what I am about. There are many members of the public who are doing their absolute best. Their livelihoods are at risk. They have not had enough support from the government. There are homeless people on the streets, where there were clear efforts made in the first wave to get them off the streets. And there are many people who depend – we have over 10 million key workers in this country. Many of them have been told by their employers that actually they can’t work from home. It is not their fault. I am not blaming them. What I am saying is there is not enough government support to actually support people when they have to socially isolate when they have to. And so many of them feel they have to go out because their lives and livelihoods depend on it.”

“[Healthcare workers] are under such strain. They are scared, they are fearful, and their jobs at the moment are almost unbearable. But they are stepping up and doing the best they can. We do think that they should be more protected…. We are calling for a full review of the personal protective equipment guidelines because so many of them are getting sick“

Dr Jenny Vaughan, DAUK Vice-Chair