DAUK’s Dr David Nicholl on CNN Newsroom

January 9 2021

Dr David Nicholl from the Doctors’ Association UK speaks out on lockdown sceptics and emphasises the need to follow public health measures.

“We need to get through this together as a community.” he said, “It’s a very grave situation. In many ways, the situation is deteriorating and it is really, really important that people listen to public health advice.”

“Covid-19 is a very serious condition. Earlier this week a friend of mine died of it. It’s really important that the story of Covid-19 comes from healthcare professionals such as The Doctors’ Association UK, but also nursing staff and others, so that people realise the gravity of this condition and where we’re heading, which is not a pretty place.”

“It is fantastic news about the vaccine, but we still have to follow the public health measures.”