DAUK’s Dr Jenny Vaughan speaks to Clive Bull on LBC about current lockdown measures

January 9th 2021

Dr Jenny Vaughan interviewed on LBC radio today. She highlights the significant loss of life we have already seen, “almost 80000, an Olympic stadiums worth of people.” She questions why the lockdown currently appears to be busier than the initial one in March. Please listen to her interview for more insight.

“The emergency services cannot guarantee a normal level of response. And what we’ve been seeing has been quite terrifying, some of the figures that have been coming out. We’ve lost nearly 80000 dead. If we had to think about that as a very tragic image that would be the same number of people we crammed into the olympic stadium in 2012. An Olympic stadiums worth of people!”

“We have to ask ourselves, why are the roads still busy? Why is it busier than the lockdown in March when actually we’re in a much worse situation. We’ve also got teachers telling us that schools are busier.”

“We cannot vaccinate ourselves out of this situation. Eventually we’ll be able to. But at the moment the most important thing the most the thing that needs immediate action is to stop this thing spreading in the community. And that’s what what I’m worried about because I think at the moment we’ve got lockdownlite.”