DAUK’s Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden in Birmingham Live: NHS doctor’s harrowing account from the coronavirus frontline – as hospitals ‘run out of oxygen’

An NHS hero working on the frontline amid the Covid-19 pandemic has been trolled for speaking out.

Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden has been trolled for speaking out after sharing a harrowing account from the frontline. 

Dr Batt-Rawden described how hospitals are “at breaking point” and “incredibly thin on the ground”.

Trusts are “so desperate they are tweeting out for medical students to help in ICU”, she said. “NHS staff have not been prioritised for the vaccine and are going off sick in droves with the new strain,” she continued.

This comes as a Government scientist has warned that the UK needs to enter another lockdown to prevent a “catastrophe” in 2021.

“They are trying to speak up about how bad things are on the frontline but are being shot down on Twitter,” she added.

She warned: “When staff have spoken up on Twitter they have been told this is all a hoax. It’s not. Try holding an iPad for a patient to say goodbye to their family. Or having to a ventilate a colleague. This is real & happening right now. Staff are broken and need support now more than ever.”

She added: “Hospitals are running out of oxygen. One trust has no non-invasive machines left. ICUs are tweeting for volunteers to prone patients. Transfer teams being requested to move patients 65+ miles to nearest hospital with critical care capacity. Please. Stay at home if you can.”

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