DAUK fight for frontline workers

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Doctors’ Association UK fighting for frontline workers 💪

Here is a response from MP Kevin Forster (Minister for Future Borders and Immigration) to a letter we sent the Prime Minister in October.

In October we wrote a letter to the Prime Minister highlighting the vital contribution of overseas NHS staff and care workers. We requested all non-British NHS and care workers, as well as their families to be granted Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) and citizenship.

This resulted in:

1) Visas were automatically extended by 12 months for 6000 health professionals and their eligible dependents free of charge, exempt from immigration surcharge.

2) Set up of the COVID-19 bereavement Scheme. Families of any NHS, health, and care worker who sadly pass away from contracting coronavirus are granted ILR, free of charge.

3) Launch of the Health and Care visa, allowing a quicker, easier and cheaper route for eligible people working in health and social care to come to the UK with their families.

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