DAUK write to Matt Hancock following NHS staff being denied covid vaccination

Our letter to Matt Hancock today after hearing reports that #NHS staff are being denied the #covidvaccine because they don’t have an NHS number. 


“The Doctors’ Association UK is extremely concerned regarding an issue that is preventing NHS staff being vaccinated over a bureaucratic obstacle – placing the hospital response to the COVID-19 pandemic at risk and also causing NHS trusts to exploit foreign labour.

As we are sure you are aware, a large number of NHS trusts are requiring the use of an NHS number for staff to be vaccinated. There are a significant number of staff who do not have this, resulting in frontline staff from countries all around the world who have been instrumental in combating the pandemic being denied the vaccine.

This is unconscionable and amoral and must be rectified with immediate effect. Failure to do so spits in the faces of colleagues who have demonstrated unswerving commitment to the health of the British public and disrespects the memory of our deceased colleagues from foreign countries.”

Full letter in screenshots above