DAUK’s Dr Pushpo Hossain in The Sunday Times

Overseas NHS Workers Day – 5th March 2021

The pandemic has demonstrated how vital the contribution of international staff is for the NHS. 1 in 7 healthcare workers is from overseas. They have carried out their jobs in extremely difficult conditions, risking their lives during this crisis despite being on temporary visas. The government made a promise that bereaved families would get permanent residency status if these workers were to die due to COVID-19. Such a bereavement scheme is hurtful for the overseas workers who have fought so bravely. These workers bring highly specialised and sought after experience in addition to contributing to our economy through their taxes, investment in property etc.Currently indefinite leave to remain (ILR) is granted to the families of healthcare workers if they die. This sends a message that these heroic people only deserve recognition in the event of their dying in service, which is simply not in keeping the British Values of Fairness. These heroes deserve the right to call the UK their home and should not have to die to have this recognised. The French have granted citizenship to key workers – the UK cannot be seen to lag behind! On 5th March 2021 we are set to celebrate NHS Overseas Workers to recognise the efforts of ALL our international staff –  which is not limited to doctors and nurses but includes huge numbers of vital clinical, laboratory, clerical and estates staff. We invite Sunday Times readers to join us in acknowledging this extraordinary group of people.

Dr Pushpo Hossain, Doctors’ Association UK

As featured in The Sunday Times

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