DAUK’s Dr Pushpo Hossain on BBC Radio 4 on Overseas NHS Workers Day

“The NHS could not function without its foreign born workers. Around 169,000 people, or 13% of the workforce was born outside of the UK.”

Radio 4 interviewed DAUK’s Dr Pushpo Hossain on NHS Overseas Workers Day last Friday:

➡️ Would you like to continue working in the nhs?

“I really love working for the NHS and I would like to call it my home. But unfortunately it is our fate as an international health care worker, we are on temporary visas and cannot obtain permanent residency…we have to be on temporary visas for five years before we can apply for the Indefinite Leave to Remain, which also comes with an exuberant fee of around £3000 per applicant.”

➡️ Will your salary be affected by this proposed 1% pay increase? 

“To be honest, it feels very, very insulting…for some of us [the 1% pay increase does not even cover] the £3000 that is required for the Indefinite Leave to Remain application. So how are we being recognized? How is this being fair to all these international health care workers…we have put our lives on the line and is this how they want to reward us?”