DAUK in GP online: Poll reveals huge scale of pandemic impact on GP mental health

Almost 30% of GPs say they or clinical colleagues have been off work in the past month with mental health problems caused by working in the COVID-19 pandemic, a BMA poll reveals.

The survey revealed that more than half of GPs were suffering from mental health issues last month, with two in five of all respondents saying these issues were worse than before the start of the pandemic.

Out of 2,556 GP respondents, three in five described their current level of fatigue or exhaustion as ‘higher than normal’ while working or studying during the pandemic – 30% said their stress levels at work were normal.

Commenting on the results of the BMA survey, DAUK GP advisory group representative Dr Claire Ashley said GP practices were delivering more appointments than ever, and ‘having to deal with ever-sicker and more complex patients in the community’ because of limited access to routine hospital services.