DAUK comments on NHS Englands text drive to increase vaccine uptake

The Doctors’ Association UK welcome the drive by NHSE to encourage vaccine uptake amongst cohort 6 patients (those aged 16-64 with underlying health conditions) to ensure as many people as possible take up the COVID-19 vaccination. Local GP’s are continuing to arrange the majority of these jabs (and will continue to make contact with patients themselves), but NHSE’s text message campaign will provide patients with alternatives which may be more accessible for them, such as attending a vaccination centre or a pharmacy led service.

Dr Ellen Welch is a GP with the DAUK and says: “I have an appointment for my second vaccination today, which as a pregnant healthcare worker was important for me to have to feel protected. I would encourage everyone, especially those at increased risk, to make the most of this opportunity. To be able to return to a sense of normality, it is essential we vaccinate as many of the population possible.”

DAUK’s Dr David Nicholl says: “We have learnt this week that of healthcare workers who are vaccinated, their families had a rate of COVID-19 at least 54% lower than the families of healthcare workers who were not. We already know that the vaccine is safe, we now know that it also brings protection to our nearest and dearest. This is especially important for the clinically vulnerable in the cohort 6 group. As such the Doctors’ Association UK would encourage anyone who gets called, to get vaccinated, to get themselves and those they love protected as quickly as possible”