DAUK’s Chair Dr Jenny Vaughan in The Guardian: “Two directors to step down at Suffolk hospital hit by ‘witch-hunt’ claims”

Two directors at Matt Hancock’s local hospital are to step down, it has been announced ahead of the publication of a delayed review into a “witch-hunt” for a whistleblower involving an unprecedented demand for fingerprints from senior clinicians.

In January 2020 a “rapid review” was ordered into claims of managing bullying at West Suffolk hospital trust which the health secretary had to recuse himself from because of his friendship with the trust’s chief executive, Steve Dunn.

Days before the review is expected to be published, Dunn emailed staff to announce that two of his colleagues on the board were due to stand down early.

Dr Jenny Vaughan, chair of the Doctors’ Association UK, said: “Doctors that approached DAUK said they felt persecuted. The concern is that this long awaited report has still not seen the light of day and less than 60% of West Suffolk staff feel they are treated fairly when they raise patient safety concerns.

“We note recent events but we agree that family should come first for the medical director. The report we hope will be totally rigorous when it comes to examining the actions of the executive. We look forward to seeing the report as soon as possible.”

Dr Jenny Vaughan

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