“Blood clots from the AZ vaccine are rare” says DAUK’s Dr Ellen Welch in Metro

‘It is natural to be fearful of something so new, but as a doctor, I urge those hesitating to weigh the balance of risks and base the decision to be vaccinated on the science.’

‘Based on the current data available, it is entirely possible that the risk of the vaccine causing clots is zero and the cases are coincidental. The MHRA estimates there is around a one in 250,000 risk (four per million) of developing blood clots from the AstraZeneca vaccine in the UK.’

‘The background risk is uncertain but is estimated to be between two to 16 cases per million people each year…To put this into context, women have been dealing with the risk of developing a blood clot from taking oral contraceptive pills for years…Millions continue to choose it and take it safely – and indeed, an unplanned pregnancy presents an even greater risk of blood clots than taking the pill.’

Dr Ellen Welch

Metro article written by DAUK’s Editorial Lead, Dr Ellen Welch, who gratefully received both doses of the AstraZeneca vaccination while pregnant and would happily do so again!