DAUK’s Dr Jenny Vaughan calls for protection for Healthcare Workers on Sky News

The Doctor’s Association UK (DAUK) has called for more protection for NHS staff,  saying it is “alarmed” by the rise of the Omicron variant.

It says: “We have requested an urgent amendment to the outdated PPE guidance, to ensure all NHS staff are protected from this virulent strain, by being provided with FFP3 masks.

“Protecting NHS staff is of the utmost importance as we enter this new wave of the pandemic, which again threatens to overwhelm our capacity.”

Dr Jenny Vaughan, chair of the Doctors’ Association UK, said: “The only surety we have in this pandemic is that waiting until you’re sure is certain to be too late.

“The prime minister has the best advisors to make the hardest decisions but if that counsel is to act swiftly now to stop many tragedies and avoidable suffering later will he?

“We sincerely hope that courage of conviction prevails, because the NHS cannot be allowed to buckle and patient safety has to be the top priority. 

“Our frontline healthcare workers must be protected. They are telling us in increasing numbers of the hugely challenging and extreme conditions they are working under. 

“The priority must remain for them to be allowed to save as many lives as possible and to have the necessary protection to enable this to happen.”

featured on Sky News Live