Dr Lizzie Toberty featured in Times letters: Sajid Javid’s plan to nationalise GPs

Sir, More reorganisation will not solve the crisis with NHS waiting lists or prevent chronic disease, inevitably worsening care as resources are diverted to plan the shuffle (“GPs nationalised in Javid plan to reduced hospital admissions”, Jan 29). It is well evidenced that what reduces hospital admissions is continuity of care, ie seeing the same GPs over a number of years. The issue is workforce retention. We have fewer GPs than ever before yet are offering more appointments. The job is highly stressful, often miserable.

Public health faced a similar reorganisation and has seen its budget decimated, and we wonder why we have rising numbers of chronic conditions. We suggest the health secretary visits some GP practices to understand the issues.

It is also important to note that there is no charge for sick notes, which are now called “fit notes”. The private work extends only to non-NHS work such as insurance reports, medicals and private letters. The income from this is minimal.
Dr Lizzie Toberty

GP lead, Doctors’ Association UK