Stop Charging NHS Staff to Park in a Hospital!

It’s been announced by Sajid Javid that hospitals will no longer provide free car parking to the very staff who have tirelessly kept the NHS running for the past two years. Staff are essentially being made to pay this extra tax for car parking in order to prop up NHS Trusts as the government are not prepared to fund it properly. What’s worse, is that most parking spaces are run by private companies, despite being on NHS trust property, resulting in nonsensical profiteering.

This represents another huge blow to the morale and welfare of NHS workers.

Bringing a car to work is a necessity for many – not only for personal safety, but because of out of hours working and because some staff, such as doctors, are moved between hospitals far from home (and public transport) every few months.

The Doctors’ Association UK and Dr Meenal Viz, say enough is enough. We have launched a campaign supported by Socialist NHS, EveryDoctor, Keep Our NHS Public, Nursing Notes and Project S NHS – On behalf of all healthcare workers, to remove this additional tax on those who saved so many lives and continue to fight tirelessly for our NHS.

How you can help

please print this and display it in public areas – scan the Code with your phone to link directly to the petition