DAUK Sustainability lead Dr Matthew Lee on the impact on hospitals following rise in energy bills

Following Ofgem’s announcement that the energy price cap for consumers will rise by 80 per cent, frontline doctors have warned that hospitals will be facing a surge of extra patient. 

Dr Matthew Lee, sustainability lead at DAUK, said to i News: “Hospitals and Trusts will be bracing themselves alongside the majority of British people who are facing a fuel and cost of living crisis. The impact will be felt hardest by the already burnt-out staff working in an already broken system.

“With members of the public likely self-rationing their energy use, we will face an increase in hospital admissions due to chest infections from cold, damp housing, severe life-threatening hypothermia, and cold-related accidents from more destructive weather events due to climate change.

“There are clear solutions to this crisis that have sadly been ignored for over a decade. Many hospital buildings are outdated and have not had energy efficiency upgrades. Installing insulation, triple glazed windows and solar panels are all quick and cost-effective ways of massively reducing the running costs of hospitals and homes. We need to urgently act on a national scale to prevent further energy crises, cut our carbon emissions, and ultimately save lives.”

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