DAUK’s Dr Dolin Bhagawati in i News

DAUK’s Dr Dolin Bhagawati says, “We need to have an honest conversation about the problems the NHS is facing and what is expected of the health service.” 


“We never have a discussion about whether we want the best healthcare service, the most efficient or the cheapest. Each of those is reasonable to have but we never talk about planning, policy and money. So we never have a direction of travel for the NHS to go down.”

Dr Bhagawati speaks to i news and predicts that the winter for NHS “is not looking good”.

“Having to cancel surgery in the summer because there are no beds used to be incredibly rare. This summer it has been quite common. There are also issues with supply chains, actually getting surgical equipment in – specialist equipment for implants or for tinkering of implants already in patients – leading to more cancelled operations. That hasn’t really happened before. Brexit is partly the cause as it takes longer to process orders. Patients are understandably becoming more frustrated and medical problems increase.”

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