GP surgeries forced to rearrange appointments due to Queen’s funeral, causing significant angst to patients and doctors

The i News reports that hundreds of thousands of patients have been told their GP and hospital appointments have been cancelled on the day Queen Elizabeth’s funeral is set to take place. Many patients have expressed serious concerns.

GP surgeries are contractually obliged to close, like other public services, on a Bank Holiday leaving doctors with the task of rearranging appointments.

Dr Lizzie Toberty, GP lead at Doctors’ Association UK (DAUK), told i News: “This one is no different but it is causing significant angst to many patients. It must be noted hundreds of thousands of appointments are needing to be rearranged today.

“Whether you feel this is an appropriate and proportional response of society is a personal matter. However, the full suspension of Parliament and reduced NHS England activity not just on the day of the funeral, but for the full mourning period is of deep concern to us at DAUK. We need a Government in control, making decisions, to make life better for patients.”

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