The NHS cannot survive more funding cuts, warns DAUK

DAUK’s Dr Lizzie Toberty told i News that the NHS will not survive more austerity, and the Chancellor Jeremy Hunt should know that. 

Dr Toberty, GP lead at DAUK, said,  “During the junior doctor strikes of 2016, Jeremy Hunt became a figure of hate among NHS workers. He failed to grasp the importance of a contract which both provided good staffing levels for patients and fair rewards for juniors. That is in part to blame for the huge vacancy rate within the NHS now, and a further impending ballot on industrial action.

“However, since leaving Government his rhetoric has shifted. He has worked on patient safety, workforce and general practice issues. A lot of what he says makes sense. As recently as the summer he was tweeting about the need to solve the pensions issues in order to stabilise the workforce.


“The question is, now as Chancellor will he enact what he now knows, and aim policy and investment towards workforce retention? His calls for further cuts make me nervous. The NHS will not survive more austerity and the Chancellor knows that.

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