GMC should continue to encourage a culture which seeks to resolve issues locally first: i News Reports on Dr Manjula Arora’s case

The i News reports on the independent review which found the GMC had mishandled the case of Dr Manjula Arora, an Indian born GP.

“The report found no clear or conclusive evidence to suggest that biased thinking affected Dr Arora’s case, but emphasised it is vital the GMC continues to proactively seek out bias, rather than simply looking for reassurance that it does not exist. It recommended that the GMC should continue to encourage a culture which seek to resolve issues locally first, if possible.” 

i News’ report quotes DAUK’s Learn Not Blame Co-lead Dr Jenny Vughan:

“We still have questions about the role of Mastercall, and over why the provision of a work laptop, which is an essential piece of equipment, was not resolved locally.

“This is especially concerning because Dr Arora is an overseas-trained doctor from India, and we know that the proportion of IMG (international medical graduate) doctors referred to the GMC and consequently sanctioned or punished in other ways exceeds that found in the general population of doctors in the UK.

“This case, in conjunction with several previous concerning cases, raises again the spectre of disproportionately unfair treatment of the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic medical population. This cannot be tolerated.”

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