Work by DAUK and others on Manjula Arora’s case shows an appetite for a co-ordinated effort on workforce inequalities, says Professor Partha Kar in BMJ

A recent article by Professor Partha Kar looks into workforce inequalities in the NHS and how to tackle them. The article is hopeful about GMC’s apology over the wrongful suspension of Dr Manjula Arora: 

“The recent suspension of Manjula Arora led to a groundswell of support for UK doctors who trained in other countries, and work by the British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, the Doctors’ Association UK, and others have shown the appetite for coordinated effort in this area. On a personal front, it’s heartening to see engagement from the General Medical Council, willingness to open a review, and acceptance of mistakes made. Hopefully this is the start of a fairer and kinder health system.”

Read the full BMJ article here.