GP bashing articles in the media need to end, reports Pulse Today

The Pulse Today has reported on the latest GP bashing article published by the Daily Mail and the response by BMA to it.

DAUK is pleased to see the BMA have stood up for GPs in this case. This is crucial because investigations have revealed that GPs did take a bashing in 2020 from the media.  DAUK has been at the forefront of fighting this negative media coverage of GPs. We have, in the past, written to IPSO complaining Mail Online’s false claims of GPs fuelling A&E waits.  Pulse Today reports that “The DAUK had raised a formal letter of complaint to IPSO about the ‘misleading’ anti-GP coverage in June, which garnered 2,395 signatures. ” 

Pulse Today’s report also mentions that in September, “IPSO had rejected an appeal lodged by the Doctors’ Association UK (DAUK) over its decision about another GP-bashing article published by Mail Online.

Pulse had previously revealed the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) ruling that Mail Online did not breach journalist code by publishing an article claiming that GPs have ‘fuelled’ a crisis in England’s A&E departments.

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