DAUK co-chair Dr Ellen Welch’s book, ‘How the NHS coped with Covid-19’, tells stories of workers who risked their lives in the pandemic: reports Metro

Metro has published a news covering the publication of DAUK co-chair Dr Ellen Welch’s book ‘How the NHS coped with Covid-19’. The news report also features stories of healthcare workers from the book who risked their lives during the pandemic.

Metro says that Dr Welch was incensed by the anti-NHS feeling in 2020 and 2021, and “decided to write a book about the pandemic, to remind people how hard nurses, doctors, paramedics and other staff worked as they carried the public through.”

She tells Metro.co.uk: ‘I wanted to record history in motion. It was a once-in-a-lifetime event and it was a stressful time; people putting their lives on the line and going to work, unsure whether they were going to catch something that was going to kill them.

‘The NHS was overwhelmed at that point. And there were protesters outside hospitals, criticism of NHS staff in the media, Covid-deniers saying it was all fake. After you had done a long shift on the ICU, that was just a huge slap in the face.

‘There was also lot of misinformation around, so this book gave me a chance to correct that.’

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Dr Welch’s book can be bought here