Matt Hancock is looking for your forgiveness – don’t give it to him, says Co-Chair Dr Ellen Welch in Metro UK

“As a GP, and co-chair of The Doctors’ Association UK, a non-profit lobbying group run by volunteer doctors, I’m only too aware of Hancock’s role in the UK’s pandemic response. And what’s more – he has not yet been held accountable,” Says Dr Ellen Welch in Metro UK. 

A”s the Covid Inquiry slowly drags on in the background, Hancock has opted to take centre stage and rebrand himself as an affable minor celebrity, a smokescreen over his current legacy of a broken NHS.”

“I was pregnant and working from home in 2020, juggling a toddler, while speaking to hundreds of people all with the same fears. 

This disease was unknown, and the guidelines for managing it changed on an almost daily basis. 

Some of the most heart wrenching calls were from patients calling with often mild symptoms of Covid, who spoke of saying goodbye to household contact who had been taken to hospital unable to breathe – uncertain if they would see their loved ones again. “


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