MedScape UK reports on DAUK’s impact on the outcome of Dr Manjula Arora’s case

Medscape UK has reported on DAUK’s support for Dr Manjula Arora throughout her GMC trial. The GMC has now apologised for the mishandling of Dr Arora’s case. 

“DAUK noted that: “The impact of a GMC investigation and any subsequent hearing on a doctors’ mental and physical wellbeing is immense.”

Dr Jenny Vaughan, co-lead of ‘Learn Not Blame’ at DAUK, said: “This case, in conjunction with several previous concerning cases, raises again the spectre of disproportionately unfair treatment of the Black, Asian, and minority ethnic medical population. This cannot be tolerated.”

Miss Helen Fernandes, Learn Not Blame committee member at DAUK, described the case as a “travesty” that “should never happen again”. She said:“Cases such as this are leading to an irreparable loss of confidence in the GMC.”

Dr Yasotha Browne, equality, diversity and inclusion lead at DAUK told Medscape News UK earlier this week: “What happened to Dr Arora was in the open arena, meaning many people and bodies were participants including the GMC. We think this highlights an illiterate anti-racist culture. Given that 25% of our NHS workforce is foreign born, this is a terrible concern for welfare and rights. Charlie Massey’s apology should be followed by seismic change to restore trust, that is what is critical.”

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