Dr Yasotha Browne, DAUK EDI lead, appears on LBC to talk about flexible working for menopausal people in the NHS

Menopausal women in NHS England workforce are to be offered flexible working, says new national guidance. 

Dr Yasotha Browne, DAUK’s EDI lead, appeared on LBC with Nick Ferrari to welcome these measures. In response to Nick Ferrari’s question that allowing flexible hours to menopausal workforce will delay planned care in the NHS, Dr Browne says that it will actually allow the workforce to function better. 

Dr Browne told DAUK:

“I was pleased to support NHS workforce planning that supports women on LBC today with Nick Ferrari. Being interested in exploring how we modernise and increase productivity and work wellness is something plenty of us our starving to see.

Hormonal transitions such as menopause radically effect brain health with women suffering with depression and anxiety. Some women even experience bipolar and schizophrenic symptoms for the first time. There is a real need for women to feel like if they ask for help they will be heard.

Sometimes much of our life, self esteem and networks are built around work and whilst that might not “right” it’s reality. I’m glad for women to have more options than to reduce hours, performance or leaving entirely and I hope we give this to them and at least explore. Better staff working environments builds better care. I would fully expect any modernisations to rotas and the way we work to benefit the entire workforce.

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