DAUK Exhibition Entry Details

Dehumanisation exhibition, entries open to all UK doctors! 

The pieces curated for display will best represent this year’s conference theme “Dehumanisation“. 

Chosen submissions will be exhibited on April 22, 2023 at DAUK’s conference alongside other selected works. The submission phase runs from November 30th until February 23rd. Selected pieces will be announced in March.

Finalists will receive a certificate of acknowledgement and a print of their work on archival paper which will be presented or posted to them.

What are the timelines?

Invitation for entries opens November 2022
Curation team will select work for exhibition February 2023
Finalists will be notified from February up until March 2023 and invited to exhibit on 22 April 2023.

Written Entry Guidance

We welcome poems or short reflections no longer than 500 words to be submitted on the theme
of dehumanisation. Please attach a word or pdf document with your GMC number alongside your

Art piece Guidance

Please submit pieces using good quality photos that capture the entire piece, try to crop with a
margin around the edges. Suggested file size of no more than 9MB of a piece that you feel best
expresses the theme of dehumanisation. We are only accepting work that is created by freehand
without use of AI, and expect work to be original. Please do not copy or imitate the work of other
artists we want individual and honest submissions. Please make sure to add your GMC number to
the entry or within your e-mail to us. We would recommend a 2D piece that you can easily frame
within 4 weeks or that is already framed and less than A2 in size. 3D pieces that you would be
happy to transport to the venue and are less than A3 in size are also welcome. You can in no more
than 300 words tell us a bit about the piece, technicals and why you think it fits the theme.

Photo Guidance

Please submit any original photos you have taken yourself and believe express the theme of
dehumanisation that you would be happy to have uploaded on to our socials for an online vote.
Photos should be good quality and reduced to 9MB. Make sure to add your GMC number on to
the photo. Make sure that you have the necessary permissions, if it is a photograph of identifiable
people or taken in places where permits are required. You can in no more than 300 words tell us a
bit about the piece, technicals and why you think it fits the theme.

All entries to be sent to: exhibition423@gmail.com

Note: Please don’t overthink or be worried about “perfect” if you are creative and enjoy
expressing yourself in the above modes that’s all you need. We are very much thinking long term
and want to find ways for doctor creatives to speak up and advocate using these talents. Just email us, we won’t bite!

T&C: Whilst we have no current plans to check for plagiarism, if we do find this has occurred it will
mean an automatic rejection and where relevant, dis-invitation.

Please read DAUK’s Privacy Policy which includes how we keep your data. 

We reserve the right to change and amend details where relevant and this includes in response to logistics on the day of the proposed exhibit 22.4.23. Any submissions agree to our privacy policy.