DAUK has taken legal steps to make sure NHS’ deal with Palantir complies with patient data protection law, reports Bloomberg

The Bloomberg has reported on DAUK’s collaboration with National Pensioners’ Convention, Just Treatment and nonprofit activist law firm Foxglove, to call on NHS England to disclose how data moved into Palantir’s Foundry software platform will be safeguarded. They’ve also asked for information about what, if any, patient consent mechanism will be put in place as part of the “Fast Data Flows” pilot. 

“The advocacy groups also want to know how the pilot impacts the planned procurement process for a £360 million ($432 million) NHS data contract that many believe Palantir is likely to win.

“Our clients are hampered by a lack of clear information regarding the pilot, its origin, purpose and — importantly — its safeguards,” Foxglove lawyer Rosa Curling said in a letter sent to NHS bosses on Monday. She added that the pilot “appears to constitute a significant transfer of sensitive health data from acute trusts into Palantir’s Foundry system without patient consent, consultation, or transparency.”

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