‘Enough is enough’ in ‘broken’ NHS, says DAUK co-chair Dr Ellen Welch

DAUK co-chair Dr Ellen Welch was quoted in News & Star on the current crisis in the NHS.

“The government needs to recognise how valuable NHS staff are and do everything within their power to invest in them,” said Ellen.

“The workforce continues to decline as burned-out staff realise the job is breaking them — it is within the power of this government to invest in the NHS to make it a better place.”

The DAUK have called on members of the public to sign an open letter ‘imploring’ Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to ‘immediately’ recall parliament to hold an emergency debate on the future of the ‘broken’ NHS.


The letter claims that the NHS is underfunded and that across the country up to 500 people are dying due to delays in emergency care.”

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