DAUK and GP Survival challenge Wes Streeting’s plan to change GP model

Pulse Today has reported that “GP groups are seeking talks with the Labour Party over its ‘deeply concerning’ proposals to ‘tear up’ the GP contract in favour of a salaried service.” 

The report cites the latest letter released by DAUK and GP Survival criticising Wes Streeting’s comments in The Times regarding plans for changing the primary care model.

“Dr Lizzie Toberty, GP lead at DAUK, said the plans are based on ‘flawed information and misconceptions.’

She said: ‘At probably the most challenging time within the NHS and our working lives, it is hard not to experience a sense of despair reading the plans of the next potential health secretary.

‘Mr Streeting’s thoughts as written in The Times are based on flawed information and misconceptions.

‘There is no doubt general practice is often falling short in the level of care our patients deserve. However, this is due to a lack of GPs, rather than any model itself. We should not reform for reforming’s sake.

‘We need to focus on staff retention first and foremost. Any dramatic changes should be done after careful consideration, and extensive discussions with all stakeholders.

‘The current model is not perfect but switching to a purely salaried model runs the risk of making care worse, not better.

‘We hope to appeal to Mr Streeting and ask him to listen to and work with us to enable the care our patients deserve.”

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