Being forced to deliver substandard care is taking its toll on junior doctors’ mental health: DAUK’s Dr Matthew Lee speaks to Mirror

Burnout in the face of constant pressure is reported by more than three-quarters of hospital doctors on the frontline, reports the Mirror.

DAUK’s sustainability lead Dr Matthew Lee spoke about how the current NHS crisis is taking its toll on his and his colleagues’ mental health.

“Dr Matthew Lee, a junior doctor in North Wales who needed counselling after struggling with his mental health, told us: “Being present in an environment where people aren’t receiving the care they deserve is really difficult and takes a huge emotional toll.

“We’re in a place where treating patients in corridors and waiting rooms has been normalised – we’re being forced to deliver a substandard level of care due to a decade of poor government planning.”

The junior medic, who also acts as a representative for the Doctors Association UK (DAUK), said his colleagues regularly have panic attacks on shift.

Dr Lee, 26, added: “Some of them are terrified of being on call because of the stress they’re going to experience and knowing that they’ll witness traumatic scenes and likely deaths.”

“Colleagues with no former mental health issues are having panic attacks on shift. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t cried or been extremely stressed because of work.”

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