For the NHS to continue to run effectively, we need real change, not false promises, writes Amy Attwater in Metro

Dr Amy Attwater writes in the Metro about what it’s like to work as an ​​emergency medicine registrar in a hospital in the UK right now.

“This is like nothing we have ever experienced before, even during Covid-19,” she writes, “Why aren’t the Government doing anything about the situation where we have GPs driving a dying patient to hospital themselves or surgeons apparently examining testicles in a cleaning cupboard? Is this what you want for your closest relatives?” 

Believe me, we are doing our very best – GPs, hospital doctors, nurses and paramedics. But without more resources and staff from the government, it is futile.

The NHS is on life support, and I’m terrified we won’t make it.

The Doctors’ Association UK issued a letter to Rishi Sunak to urgently address the state of the NHS right now, which you can read on their website here.”

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