Race Equality Week 2023: DAUK’s reflection

Blog Post by DAUK’ EDI lead Dr Yasotha Browne

Our thoughts on the BMJ report as we reflect on the end of #raceequalityweek2023.

Abridged excerpt from Slay in Your Lane

“Living in a white, patriarchal society means [black women are] often reduced to patronizing stereotypes, rather than being treated as intelligent equals worthy of society’s time and respect.”

This is entirely relevant to the NHS and we just need to look at those at executive level, the salary and contract security gap and the punitive culture that gets used by people in Britain.

Many are sick of it, have left medicine or the country because of it and are calling for the GMC to be disbanded and replaced by another organisation. (Please see petition link for interest). This has probably come from seeing executives who have overseen huge miscarriages of justice in their decade long tenure, simply staying in their positions believing empty apologies have gone unnoticed. Charlie Massey’s statement of the imperative need to now act is absolutely the truth for the survival of his job and perhaps even the GMC.

Ethnic minority doctors working in the NHS are twice as likely as white doctors to be referred by their employer to the General Medical Council and it is shameful we need reports and reviews to get people enforcing these behaviours to change. When we hear of those committing suicide such as Dr Suresh whilst waiting a decision, that life matters and that life was ruined by an unjust culture. We need to be aware those that are able to refer need to be trained and that includes in unconscious bias with significant help to those that come from homogeneous backgrounds and have chosen to not become literate in anti-racism.

It would seem that those enabled to weaponise the punitive culture see black and brown people as their racial inferiors and perhaps not even human but just like cattle – animals that need to learn obedience. As we become more and more global this culture is going to anger the already angered international community and is not good for public relations during a time where Britain is showing signs of being increasingly economically vulnerable. We are currently reliant on as much as 25% of our healthcare workforce being international. What they seem to get is not gratitude or good vibes but toxicity driven by structural racism that organisations are clearly still negotiating.

Please find recommended books below (all reflect on British racism to avoid dissociating to America etc)

DAUK would also like to invite you to our conference where we have an anti-racist panel as well as discussing the dehumanising culture we can find ourselves navigating, often feeling alone or unable to help others. If you opt for face to face it is a good way to meet like minded people and network with some of the most amazing medical advocates. There is also an online option too. Please see below for further details and think about supporting our Overseas NHS workers day 2023. Follow the updates on our Overseas NHS workers day 2023, when we celebrate the contribution of our migrant NHS staff. 

Sign the Petition: Create a new regulator of doctors to replace the General Medical Council (GMC)

The General Medical Council (GMC) needs to be replaced by a new, fully accountable body, with transparent, constructive and competent practices and policies. It’s time to establish a different organisation, that can truly, yet efficiently, represent the needs of patients and doctors.