DAUK celebrates 3rd Overseas NHS Workers Day

International NHS Staff celebrated for the Third Year Running in The Doctors’ Association UK Overseas NHS Workers Day. 

Today the Doctors’ Association UK is celebrating its third annual Overseas NHS Workers Day. The event provides an opportunity to celebrate the contributions of all the international staff, which the NHS depends heavily upon.

Internationally trained doctors, nurses and countless other members of the workforce stood up for the NHS in its moment of greatest need during the pandemic, and they all very much continue to do so. As the NHS moves into its 75th year, we are reminded that the service has always needed help from overseas staff. They are here to help; yet many face a multitude of difficulties, which DAUK aims to highlight through campaign work. Overseas NHS Workers day allows everyone to celebrate the value that overseas workers bring to our NHS, and an opportunity to boost morale.

There has been huge support from NHS Trusts across the country, proudly showcasing many of their IMG workers and each telling their own individual stories.

Dr Pushpo Babul Hossain, founder of Overseas NHS Workers Day said:

“The crucial contribution of overseas workers in the establishment and ongoing triumph of the NHS is immeasurable. With the 75th anniversary of the NHS being celebrated this year, it is evident that their services are still greatly appreciated and required. The nationwide celebration of Overseas NHS Workers Day on March 3rd serves as a powerful testament to the unwavering dedication and expertise of these individuals, and reinforces the essential role they play in ensuring the quality and accessibility of healthcare services for all”.

Dr Matt Kneale, co-chair of DAUK said:

“As a junior doctor I have always seen the invaluable contributions that IMG workers bring to the NHS. Despite frequently facing adversity and discrimination, IMGs consistently provide excellent patient care and are part of the backbone of the NHS.

They fill critical gaps in the medical workforce, particularly in underserved areas and bring unique perspective to patient care, having trained in different healthcare systems. It is vital we continue valuing and encouraging their work”.

Dr Ellen Welch, co-chair of DAUK said:

“The NHS was short of staff even before the pandemic hit. Without our migrant workforce (which makes up 13.8% of NHS staff) the NHS would collapse. They deserve the right to have Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK”.

To continue the celebrations, DAUK are also holding various online events. Tonight, Dr Shams, BMA Equalities Officer will be talking about the rights IMG doctors working in the UK on visas have when it comes to strike action. Next Friday, 10th March, there will be a screening and discussion of the movie ‘NHS Borderlands’, hosted by DAUK, Migrants Organise, MedAct and Patients not Passports groups.