Sawbones: Who Are We?

 SawBones was established in May 2022 by Ben and Dr Jen. SawBones was born out of Ben’s time in the armed forces and Jen’s current life as a doctor in Ireland. Military and emergency serviced based apparel has grown dramatically over the last ten years and Ben noticed that doctors were not being represented in the same way.
With this in mind Ben decided that doctors deserved their own brand. The combination of Jen and their friends knowledge and Ben’s enthusiasm for service based apparel prompted the birth of SawBones. 
Ben was largely motivated to create the brand after hearing about both the daily hardships and life changing experiences his friends were enduring, both positive and negative. In 2021, the BMA released a report which detailed that up to a third of doctors have suffered abuse from patients. Furthermore, the suicide rate amongst doctors is 2-5 times higher than the average UK population. Being a doctor is also an extremely rewarding and vital occupation. The sacrifice and pride that comes with the profession is the reason SawBones exists. 
Ben has experienced his own MH journey and believes strongly in caring about people that protect us. There is often an unfortunate perception within medicine that doctors should be able to cope with the stresses and strains of the job due to their levels of intelligence and “expected” levels of resilience. However it is fact that this is a dangerous and unhealthy culture which exacerbates existing MH issues and causes new ones. Part of the mission behind the brand is to change this culture. As a result we have partnered up with “You Okay Doc” the leading MH charity for doctors in the UK. We will share their content and they will receive a 10% donation from each sale, alongside some special projects for them.
Whether you are a first year medical student or an established consultant, SawBones is here to represent you.