DAUK on Good Morning Britain: Support for national vaccine campaign

Our spokesperson Dr Steve Taylor was on Good Morning Britain to talk about a new drive to encourage uptake of the MMR jab

The Doctors’ Association UK (DAUK) has supported a national campaign to boost the uptake of the MMR vaccine following a rise in cases of measles.

NHS England is urging parents and carers to book children in for their missed measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) in a drive to protect children from becoming seriously unwell.

Our spokesperson Dr Steve Taylor, a GP in the north west of England, was interviewed on national television today about the importance of being vaccinated against measles and where people can get immunised.

Speaking to ITV1’s Good Morning Britain, Dr Taylor said: “I’m old enough to remember when it was quite a serious condition.

“The MMR vaccine was introduced in 1988, and since then we’ve hardly seen measles.

“Measles is a horrible condition. It’s a horrible illness to have as a child, and sometimes it’s really bad.”

Dr Taylor said that people whop have not been vaccinated should contact their GP to arrange an appointment.

“It’s very easy to do,” Dr Taylor added.