Dr Benn case: Letter to the Times

DAUK’s Dr Steve Taylor says protesting climate change is ‘unlikely to be a law break’ that affects a doctor’s clinical judgement or their ability to practice.

In a letter to the Times, Dr Taylor, Doctors’ Association UK (DAUK) GP spokesperson, said the law was a complex set of rules that politicians have fallen foul of but continued to work.

His letter was in response to a column by Daniel Finkelstein, ‘Contempt for the law shows contempt for us all’.

Dr Taylor said: “The problem with this argument is that the law is a wide and complex set of rules, which at times are not as clear cut as he makes out.

“Indeed, many of our MPs have broken laws, which have not resulted in their suspension from parliament.

“The public have every right to be protected from law-breakers when they see a doctor, but it is unlikely that they would be fazed by seeing one that has broken a law that does not affect their clinical judgement or trustworthiness.”

Read Dr Taylor’s letter in full.

Dr Sarah Benn

Dr Benn, a GP of 32 years, was suspended for five months following her Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) hearing after being arrested and jailed for her involvement in peaceful demonstrations at an oil terminal. Dr Benn said she had a moral duty to take action to protect health and life.

Read more details of her case.

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