PRESS RELEASE: DAUK launches election manifesto with key priorities for the NHS

The NHS is in a state of crisis. Whilst much attention has focussed on Brexit, doctors have watched on with increasing concern as the NHS, Britain’s greatest treasure, has been sidelined. It is unacceptable that it has taken a general election to put the NHS back on the agenda. Our manifesto prioritises the NHS, the patients it serves and its dedicated workforce.


GP Frontline: a profile on DAUK

A profile of DAUK and our newest committee member in the RCGP magazine, GP Front line: “a fledging but already high-profile political lobbying group, The Doctors’ Association, providing the virtual organisation with a GP voice on issues such as Brexit, and the recent Bawa-Garba case. “

“We’re an Independent, non-profit, non-partisan political lobbying group for doctors” . Adrian explains, “it was apparent that there was a desire for doctors to become more involved in political campaigning.